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Other Places of Interest:
American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters' House - represents the Ghetto Fighters' House and the children's museum Yad Layeled, an Israeli Holocaust and resistance museum.
Anne Frank Educational Trust UK - a British multifaith educational charity
Anne Frank Online
Berlin Struggles to Pick a Memorial to Holocaust - Christian Science Monitor article.
L'Chaim: A Holocaust Web Project - includes a virtual tour of Dachau concentration camp.
Collected Works of bl. Edith Stein
Concentration Camps - Medical Experiments - DOCUMENT F 321 prepared for the International War Council in Nürmberg.
Cybrary of the Holocaust
Detroit's Holocaust Memorial Center
Genocide: Resources for Teaching and Research
Guidelines for Teaching About the Holocaust
Holocaust Assets - U.S. Govt. effort to assist recovery of assets stolen or hidden by Germany during World War II.
Holocaust: An Historical Summary
Holocaust and Jewish Studies Sites - by Prof. Dan Graf.
Holocaust Memorial Museum and Educational Center
The Holocaust/Shoah Page - by Ben S. Austin.
I*EARN Holocaust Genocide Project
The Impact of the Holocaust On Survivors and Their Children - paper by Sandra S. Williams.
Index - Holocaust Sites - list maintained by the Nizkor Project.
Literature of the Holocaust Links
KZ Memorial Mittelwerk Dora - Holocaust Memorial. In German and English.
The Mining Company's Holocaust Site new articles weekly.
The Nazi Genocide of the Jews, 1933-1945. - a brief introduction to the Holocaust
Nazi Gold PBS Frontline.
The Nazis/ Nuremberg / WWII / Testimony / Documents - The Complete Index
The Nizkor Project - dedicated to the nearly twelve million souls ruthlessly destroyed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime, and to the refutation of Holocaust "revisionism".
The Pink Triangle Pages - on Nazi persecution of gay men and lesbians.
Responses to the Holocaust - a hypermedia sourcebook for the humanities.
Simon Wiesenthal Center - international center for Holocaust remembrance and the defense of human rights and the Jewish people.
Shamash:  Holocaust Home Page
Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation - non-profit organizaton founded by Steven Spielberg, dedicated to videotaping and archiving interviews of Holocaust survivors.
Teaching the Holocaust by means of Stamps, Pictures, Text and Children's Paintings.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
We Must Remember the Holocaust - a work by Mike Franklin, contributing editor of The Tech at MIT.
What They Saw at the Holocaust Museum - by Philip Gourevitch; taken from the New York Times Magazine.
Yad Vashem - the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance authority.
Museum of Jewish Heratige
Jewish Museum
The National Yiddish Book Center
The Fortunoff Video Archive